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equiptment list
Clothing & Wearable Accessories
BDUs (woodland shirt , pants, 1 in. belt, jacket)
Field jacket
Equipment belt
Boonie hat
Medium Alice Pack (frame optional)
Combat boots (extra long lace)
H or Y Suspenders
Wool-blend socks
Underclothes (thermals if cold)
Black Beret
Woodland bandana
Gloves (pilot gloves, batting gloves for shooting, or leather w/ liners)
Pouches and Holders on Equipment Belt
Rifle magazine pouch
Combat knife sheath
Butt pack
Canteen pouch, Field dressing pouch
weapon of choice
any weapon of a nato caliber, is prefered, but not manditory
carry at the least  (6) spare magazines for your weapon of choice, along with the necessary cleaning kits and ammo .
personal sidearms (pistols)
while this is not a requirement, if you so chose to carry one, make sure you carry the necessary equiptment for its operation.. I.E. extra magazines, ammo, cleaning kit,ect...